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Our customised digital advertising offerings will promote your brand, increase traffic to your site and ultimately, build your revenue.

Our reach is global, and we specialise in delivering your ads to relevant publishers within this extensive network of exclusive players. Our goal is to position you in the best stead, using your advertising budget to do just that, advertise your business globally.




Easily Monetize your sites.

Making money from your site, and its content, just makes sense. We work with hundreds of publishers to give them opportunities to turn their site into revenue for their business. We aren’t about specialising in one kind of publisher, we prefer taking a customised approach to each where getting to know your needs and goals will determine the solutions we present.


Contextual advertising works because it fits. We run your ads as they appear on all your other avenues, except our keywords have a reach beyond that of the other major players and can achieve higher returns on your investments. Our traffic is quality, and we guarantee the quality of the sites your adverts appear on. Our team is trained, and works only on the highest quality bidding systems to ensure the best ROI and CPC rates are the best they can be. Contextual ads work best because they are curated and displayed in real time and only appear on sites relevant to your business.


Tombola are all about advertising your business online in the most effective way possible. Our display ads work across devices and are seamless in their delivery in a range of site styles. We create custom display advertising campaigns that deliver your ads to a selection of sites we work with you to determine. This gives you control over where your money takes your ads, and the audience that you reach with them.


Tombola believes in smart advertising and remarketing is a huge component in this. Retargeting the user after they’ve left a site presents opportunities to deliver them another version of your ad. Remarketing helps you to be smart about the users and sites you target in your campaign, and Tombola can present you with a package of previously consumed media by the very group you want your product sold to.

XML Feed

XML feeds are a streamlined, highly customisable solution, which delivers ads to users as they search. XML ads are also implemented onto your site very simply, and blend seamlessly with the look and feel of your site. The ads are presented in full text and users engage by clicking on engaging and enticing material.

Native Ads

The goal with native ads is to appear as organically as possible within your site. Native ads don’t disrupt the look and feel of your site, and present to your user a relevant and highly enticing product that fits with the content already on your site. These ads are designed with your user in mind, and the goal to be helpful and non-intrusive in their browsing experience.

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